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Richard (Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me) Kiel is an alien who comes to Earth to teach a scientist how to make exact robot doubles of people. When a noted scientist winds up dead, Hugh (Leave it to Beaver) Beaumont sends his best agent, George (Robot Monster) Nader to find the killer. He teams up with the scientist’s blind daughter, Dolores (The Phantom Planet) Faith, to infiltrate the lab and save her father.

The Human Duplicators starts off with promise. The spaceship that Kiel flies around in looks really cheap (it looks like a Christmas ornament), but the interior set is really cool. The stuff with Kiel imprisoning scientists and making robot copies of them work, but once Nader starts poking his nose around, things become increasingly dull. The ending is especially lackluster as the shots of the robot’s faces shattering get to be monotonous after a while.

Speaking of which, the robots are really inconsistent. Some can get shot multiple times and keep on ticking. Others can lose an arm and not lose any pep in their step. The majority seem as though the slightest little thing could do them in. One guy even trips, falls on his face, and he breaks into a million pieces.

Another debit is Kiel’s performance. Looking like a cross between James Dean and Rondo Hatton, he makes for an imposing figure, but his mumbled dialogue delivery leaves something to be desired. There’s a reason why he isn’t given much dialogue in other movies. Here, he’s given pages of it and he’s just too awkward to really pull it off.

AKA: Space Agent K1. AKA: Jaws of the Alien.

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