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PRETTY PEACHES 2 (1987) ** ½

Peaches (Siobhan Hunter) wants to know all about sex, but her parents aren’t much help. When her mom (Tracey Adams) catches her boyfriend (Peter North) spying on her, she forces him to have sex at knife point. Meanwhile, her dad (Herschel Savage) just tells her not to be a tease. So she goes out in the world and tries to learn as much as possible. Peaches has a three-way with a truck driver and a hooker, then watches her uncle (Ron Jeremy) have an incestuous three-way with his wife and son. Eventually, Peaches winds up working in an Oriental opium den/whorehouse where she finally gets the lowdown on how to be a good slut.

Alex de Renzy’s in-name-only sequel to his classic Pretty Peaches is a step down in terms of quality in just about every regard. The sex scenes are uneven to say the least. The early ones are sort of staid, but the film does get better as it goes along. (Well, until the dumb “It was all a dream ending”, that is.)

It’s a late ‘80s porno, so it does have its charms. All the women have big hair, heavy make-up, and hideous fashions. That will keep you somewhat amused when their clothes are on, because the plot sure as shit won’t.

A big problem is that Hunter is just nowhere near as cute and adorable as the original Peaches, Desiree Cousteau. She doesn’t have that “I’m game for anything” attitude about her that made her character so appealing. At all times she merely looks and acts like your typical ‘80s porno chick.

The supporting cast fares much better. The always entertaining Jamie Gillis shows up in drag as a grandmother who hires Peaches to be his maid. (“What big eyes you have!”) He’s clearly having fun with his kinky role and gleefully overacts. Ron Jeremy is funny too as the uncle with a war wound that causes him to have a constant hard-on. Peter North is also quite good as Peaches’ horny boyfriend.

Pretty Peaches 2 isn’t bad for what it is. You can find worse ‘80s porn sequels, that’s for damn sure. It’s just that it never really captures the fun and spirit of its predecessor.

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