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NAUGHTY NUDES ’65 (2005) ** ½

This compilation of old striptease loops from the ‘60s was included as a bonus disc on The Sexperts. It features eleven cheesecake models showing their stuff for the camera. Any time vintage smut is preserved for historical purposes is a cause for celebration. The clips are uneven, both in terms of sexiness and quality in general, but this will be worth a look for sleaze historians.

“Tina’s Tasty Tease”. (***) Tina, a sexy brunette, lies on a bed and wriggles around before removing her top. Tina has a nice rack and has genuine chemistry with the camera, making this a strong start to the compilation.

“The Bows on Becky’s Bikini”. (**) Becky, a gap-toothed blonde, writhes around on a sofa in nothing but a bikini bottom. Becky’s routine isn’t bad, but every time she smiles, it exposes a dentist’s worst nightmare, effectively losing any potential sexiness this clip might’ve had.

“The Writhing of Awilda”. (**) Awilda, a leggy African-American woman, smokes while she reads some magazines before undressing in her easy chair. This clip isn’t very sexy, mostly due to the erratic camerawork (at one point, the cameraman makes a full charge at Awilda’s boobs) and the fact that she’s mostly confined to her chair the whole time.

“Milky Thighs, Bedroom Eyes”. (** ½) A brunette in a black nightie does a deliberate striptease on a small couch. This segment is pretty funny because they actually left a blooper in there where the unknown model accidentally falls off the couch and starts laughing. That’s about the only memorable part though.

“Wigglin and Jigglin”. (**) A woman in a bad blonde wig rocks her hips on a bed. In addition to her fake eyelashes, obvious tan lines, and several noticeable bruises, the model seems really indifferent, which takes the fun right out of it. (She does have a nice pair on her though.)

“Exploring Barbara”. (***) Barbara, a busty, cheerful model disrobes. Although Barbara is one of the prettiest girls in the collection, the camera mostly lingers on her breasts and crotch. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

“The Jugs of Jenny”. (**) The enjoyment of this loop is brought down by the way Jenny moves around on the bed. It doesn’t look like she’s trying to titillate you. It looks more like she’s rolling around and trying to get comfortable before going to sleep. Jenny also has some chaffing around her female area, which is a bit distracting too. Plus, although she has some nice jugs, they aren’t really featured prominently enough to earn the title.

“Edwina G. Robinson”. (**) Because of the title, I was expecting this clip to be about a woman dressed as a gangster. As it is, it’s just another one of those kinds of loops where the woman lazes around in a bed and makes little to no effort to titillate you.

“The Fruits of Phyllis”. (***) Phyllis is my kind of girl. She’s more about the “strip” than the “tease”. She takes it off pretty quickly before donning a sheer nightie. I will say that Phyllis has a generous portion of nose on her, but what the way she throws herself into her scene (chomping flowers, spanking herself, pinching her nipples, etc.) is to be applauded.

“Gertie’s Glistening Garter”. (***) Gertie is a bit on the homely side, but she has a quality the other girls don’t have. She looks more like a housewife who got talked into doing this one afternoon after one too many lunchtime martinis. The inventive camerawork also helps (there’s a cool shot between Gertie’s legs as she slowly hikes her dress up) to make this one stand out from the pack.

“Movin’ in with Maggie”. (*** ½) Here’s another one about a cute and pouty brunette. This one follows the tried-and-true tradition of a girl acting “tired” and yawning and stretching like she’s had a long day at work before disrobing. Maggie is super-cute too and breaks character a few times as she giggles at the camera, which is great. The way she flashes the audience teasingly is really something to see. I’d definitely move in with her.

Whoever put Naughty Nudes ’65 together knew what they were doing by bookending the best clips. The compilation ends on a highpoint as Maggie is the cutest and sexiest girl on the whole disc. (She looks like Drew Barrymore a little.) I wish the rest of the collection had more clips of this quality, but there’s enough good stuff here to make it worth a moderate recommendation. (It’s certainly better than the main feature, The Sexperts, that’s for sure.)

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