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Four cheerleaders get irate when a recruiter from another team tries to sway their star football players away from the school. They then set out on a road trip to sabotage the try-outs using any means necessary. Of course, along the way they wind up falling in love.

Cheerleaders Beachparty has at least one memorable nude scene in which all four cheerleaders are crammed into a tiny shower stall and begin shooting each other with water guns. That’s about where the fun begins and ends. Despite an okay topless swim, most of the time, the girls have their backs to the cameras whenever they take off their shirt.

The “comedy” scenes range from desperate to stupid. In one scene, they pretend to be ghosts to frighten the jocks into running back home. In the end, the girls resort to putting crabs in the team’s athletic supporters so that they constantly itch throughout the game. None of this is exactly funny. It could’ve worked in better hands I suppose, but director Alex E. (Cherry Hill High) Goitein is unable to wring any laughs from Chuck (Preppies) Vincent’s admittedly weak script.

With a few snips, this would be perfect Up All Night fodder. (Most of the movie is so dark you can’t see the boobs anyway.) In fact, the later you put it on, the better off you’ll be. That’s not because it’s a late night delight or anything. More like a perfect cure for insomnia.

AKA: California Cheerleaders.

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