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HORNS (2014) **

A young man (Daniel Radcliffe) is accused of brutally murdering his girlfriend (Juno Temple) and no one in town believes him. One day, he mysteriously grows a pair of horns on his head, which makes everyone he comes in contact with confess their darkest secrets. He then uses his new power to find the real murderer.

Daniel Radcliffe does a good job at putting Harry Wizard behind him and finding a more adult role to play. His performance is probably the best thing about this muddled adaptation of the Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son) novel directed by Alexandre (The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha remakes) Aja. You can’t fault Radcliffe for trying to get out of the kid star shadow. One thing is for sure, no one will mistake him for that wizarding whiz kid in this.

The film contains a good idea. I liked the idea of random people confessing their most twisted sins to our hero. The problem is there’s enough plot here for two movies. Using this power to find a murderer just seemed like overkill, especially when the interrogation scenes are so damn repetitive.

Speaking of overkill, there’s more subplots here than you can shake a stick at. All the flashbacks to Radcliffe’s youth didn’t work at all and seemed more like something Hill’s dad would write than a logistical extension of the story. I didn’t get the whole subplot with the snakes either. The third act goes on way too long too. I mean there was no reason this needed to be two hours long. Chop out a couple of the snake scenes and trim the final confrontation down to one scene instead of three and you might’ve had something there.

The supporting cast is stellar. I mean any movie that has James Remar AND David Morse in it is going to have my complete attention. Toss in Juno Temple having another quality nude scene and you have the makings for a terrific flick. Sadly, it just kinda shits the bed at the halfway mark and wallows in its own filth for too long.

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