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A pair of robbers and rapists are hired by a devious brother and sister team to sneak into a palace and steal some gold. Meanwhile, a girl disguises herself as a man in order to get close enough to stop them. A guy with a metal face called “Devil Man” and his army of zombie fighters joins the fray, and eventually, some dude calling himself “Superguy” steps in to save the day.

I had a hard time understanding some of the plot because the sound kept going in and out throughout the running time. Just when I’d raised the volume up enough to hear it, the sound would come back to full-blast and it nearly blew my speaker out. Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem if there was a subtitle option, but there wasn’t.

Not that plot is essential in a Kung Fu flick. However, there’s so much double-crossing, dirty dealings, and scheming going on between the characters that it’s hard to keep track of who’s doing what to who. I guess it wouldn’t matter if the action was solid. As it is, the Kung Fu isn’t anything to write home about. With the exception of the scene involving a blindfolded woman kicking plates off a guy’s head, the action is rather weak. The finale, which involves a lot of bad guys running around in fast-motion, is pretty stupid too.

For a movie named “The Invincible Sugerguy”, we don’t see a whole lot of him. When he finally does show up, it’s too little too late. I realize the filmmakers were probably just trying to cash in on the success of Superman, but there’s absolutely nothing “Super” about this guy, or the movie.

AKA: Golden Lohan.

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