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The Video Vacuum

SCORE (1974) **

Claire Wilbur and her hubby are bored with swinging with tourists in their island villa. So she invites Lynn (I Drink Your Blood) Lowry over and seduces the telephone repairman while she watches. Claire then has Lynn and her husband over for dinner. They have a dress-up party, get high, and break off into same-sex pairs for a night of forbidden desire.

Radley (The Image) Metzger’s Score is groundbreaking in terms of the sheer amount of homosexual content. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of girl-on-girl action in these sorts of movies, but rarely do the guys get a chance to explore and fool around a little. For that alone, I guess Score is worthy of at least some kind of footnote in skinflick history.

It doesn’t help that the plot is slow moving. You can tell it was based on a play because it’s filled with longwinded scenes of people yakking on and on. The problem is, once we finally get to the sex, it isn’t really all that titillating.

Another odd thing is the fact that the guy-on-guy stuff is hardcore, but the lesbian scenes are strictly softcore. I mean what was good for the goose should’ve been good for the gander. Admittedly, the guy-on-guy stuff didn’t do much for me, but even the lesbian scenes fall well short of Metzger’s best stuff. While I’ll never turn down a chance to see Lynn Lowry strutting her stuff, in the end, even her scenes left me a bit cold.

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