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FISTS OF FURY (2016) ***

Here’s another trailer compilation DVD from Full Moon Features. This one is hosted by Cynthia Rothrock and it contains nothing but Kung Fu trailers. Her host segments are kind of cheesy as it’s mostly just Rothrock giving comic karate demonstrations on a bunch of people before talking about a particular segment. The good news is that she has a winning personality and her spiels are often rather informative.

The compilation is broken up into different sections. We have segments on Badass Women (Above the Law, Deadly China Doll, Ebony, Ivory and Jade, Sister Streetfighter, Sting of the Dragon Masters, and Wonder Women), Bruceploitation (Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge, Bruce’s Deadly Fingers, Enter the Fat Dragon, Fists of Bruce Lee, and The Return of Bruce), Deadly Weapons (Lightning Swords of Death, Master of the Flying Guillotine, Secret of the Shaolin Poles, Slash: The Blade of Death, The Damned, and Invisible Swordsman), Martial Arts vs. Guns (Ninja Blacklist, Jaguar Lives!, Shatter, Sudden Death, The Bodyguard, and The Stranger and the Gunfighter), Revenge (Chinese Hercules, Five Fingers of Death, Revenge of the Ninja, The Brutal Boxer, The Street Fighter, and Thunderfist), and Differently-Abled Combatants (Kung Fu vs. Yoga, Lucky Seven, The One Armed Executioner, The Crippled Masters, The One-Armed Swordsman, and The Story of Drunken Master). A lot of the trailers feature Lo Lieh and Angela Mao.

Some trailers go on forever, especially the foreign language ones. Still, there are a lot of winners here and very few repeats from other compilations (although I’ll never shy away from seeing the Lucky Seven trailer yet again). I do sort of wish that the trailers played out non-stop though. Before each one, there’s a little bio of the film accompanied by release dates, cast listings, posters, and a synopsis of each movie. Again, since the flick is packed with information, it’s kind of a minor criticism.

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