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This might be the King’s worst, though you have to hand it to Elvis. He made 31 movies and basically made the SAME EXACT MOVIE EVERY SINGLE TIME. By the time he made Paradise, Hawaiian Style, he had been in so many interchangeable films that not only were the plots beginning to be the same, but the exotic locations started to repeat themselves as well. After Blue Hawaii, this flick marked the King’s second trip to Hawaii. The only difference between the two is that instead of the King DRIVING tourists around Hawaii, in this one Elvis FLIES tourists around Hawaii. By this time Elvis started to look like he’d had one too many peanut butter and banana sandwiches but somehow he maintains his coolness while singing some thoroughly innocuous and forgettable songs. The fluff filled script of course maintains that Elvis duets with annoying kids, ogles women and basically act as ambassador of Hawaii. There are hot girls, beautiful locales, cheesy songs and absolutely zero plot in this one.

Presley plays an airplane pilot (who says “You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours!” a lot) who goes to Hawaii to start his own charter helicopter business after being fired from a big time airline (he was making time with one of the stewardesses). His pilot’s license is put into jeopardy when a pack of rowdy dogs interfere with one of his landings. That’s about it. Try not to piss yourself laughing when Presley sings “It’s a Dog’s Life” to the claustrophobic canines. Look fast for longtime Elvis bodyguard Red (Road House) West in a bit part getting the King into a bar fight. Co-star Irene Tsu also starred in Women of the Prehistoric Planet the same year.
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