The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE PATRIOT (1998) **

Steven Seagal’s career has been on the ropes for awhile, but this was the first sign he was in trouble when this went straight to HBO instead of theaters. It’s not your typical Seagal kung fu flick. It’s more of an Outbreak rip-off with a virus threatening a small town and an idealistic doctor (SEAGAL?!?) racing against the clock to stop the militia who started it all. It’s all pretty standard stuff and is probably better off on the small screen anyway. As in the more recent Seagal flicks, the fight scenes have a lot of close-ups to hide the fact that Seagal can’t cut it as an action hero anymore (Though I’m sure he can probably still kick my ass). Whatever you do don’t confuse it with Mel Gibson’s The Patriot (2000)!
Tags: action, kung fu, p, seagal
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