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Ed Wood was an uncredited “consultant” on this movie and it shows.  There’s endless narration, titles cards used in Plan 9, and regular Wood actor Keene Duncan.  Three kidnappers hole up in a cabin in the woods owned by geologist, Robert (The Hideous Sun Demon) Clarke.  There’s a flash of light and The (not so) Astounding She-Monster arrives on Earth.  She wears a silver leotard, has make-up that probably inspired Divine, and glows.  She can’t be killed by guns or fire.  She walks endlessly through the woods and kills anything that gets in her way.  She kills a snake, a dog and even a bear (or at least a guy in a bear skin rug and stock footage of a bear).  She is killed when Clarke throws acid on her.  The stunned bimbo kidnap victim says:  “I didn’t know geologists used so many different kinds of acid!”  In the long ponderous ending, we find out the Monster was actually a good will ambassador from outer space (!) and that the Earth might be destroyed for killing her.  Duncan gets the best line:  “You put your foot in your mouth so much, you’re gonna get athlete’s mouth!”  If you can stand endless narration, long pointless scenes of people walking, and music stolen from The Atomic Brain for just over an hour, then this movie is for you!

Tags: a, cult, sci-fi

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