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After Hammer Studios along with director Terence Fisher successfully updated the Frankenstein, Dracula and Werewolf legends, this seemed like a sure bet. It’s not really faithful to the Gaston Leroux novel, but it is entertaining thanks to good performances by Herbert Lom and Michael Gough. Lom is the soft spoken, sympathetic Phantom who lives underneath the Paris Opera House and wants revenge on Gough for stealing his music. Lom wears a scary one eyed mask to hide his acid scarred face and has a hunchback assistant who’s the real villain. Lom is good at portraying grief, hate and rage through his mask, but Gough is excellent at chewing up scenery. He later went on to play Alfred in the Batman movies and Lom starred in several Pink Panther films. While the movie suffers in comparison the other film versions, I like it better than the 1943 Claude Rains Phantom, but it can’t hold a candle to the classic Lon Chaney silent version.
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