The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

PIGS (1972) **

Marc (King of Kong Island) Lawrence did it all, produced, directed and stars in this offbeat thriller as a weirdo farmer who feeds people to his flesh eating pigs. When a psycho chick escapes from the nuthouse, he feels sorry for her and takes her in. When she wigs out and slices some dudes up with a straight razor, Lawrence feeds what’s left of them to the pigs. As a director, Lawrence does manage a little southern gothic atmosphere and offers a nightmare scene that’s pretty effective. The distorted sounds of squealing pigs are also pretty cool. Too bad a lot of the scenes are way too dark and the editing is terrible. The sight of Lawrence feeding people to his hungry pigs may not be scary but at least he did it 29 years before Gary Oldman did in Hannibal. Lawrence’s daughter, Toni co-stars as the nutty chick.

AKA: Daddy’s Deadly Darlings.
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