The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum


This senseless, silly sex film was filmed in “Deep Vision 3-D”. It doesn’t utilize the 3-D at all (only a broom comes out of the screen), has some terrible jokes and had an editor who obviously suffered from multiple personality disorder. It’s like an unfunny all sex version of Kentucky Fried Movie with skits, pie fights, a Superman parody and fake commercials. The main story has “Ms. Kinsey” a sex surveyor falling in love with a talk show host named Joe Strovack. The only good part is the silent movie parody and a brief appearance by the Frankenstein monster. Some theaters showed XXX versions, but the DVD is the cut R rated version. If the idiotic humor, awful acting or schizophrenic editing doesn’t give you a headache, the bad 3-D effects will.
Tags: comedy, exploitation, frankenstein, in 3-d, p
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