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Starman was a popular Commando Cody/Superman clone serialized on Japanese TV in the 50’s.  The episodes were edited down into four features and released upon an unsuspecting American audience.  This one is good cheesy fun.  The hilarious looking “Emerald Men” send Starman (an invincible man in a funny leotard and cape) to stop the Nazi look alike aliens, The Saphirians from attacking Earth with nuclear weapons.  The Saphirians kidnap a brilliant scientist and his children and put them into “The Thought Eradicator” and turn them into mindless slaves.  They even have a weapon called “The Death Star” (hmm… wonder if Lucas saw this).  They arrive on Earth and blow up the Himalayas, but Starman shows up in the nick of time to stop them.  The last 25 minutes is one long fight scene in which Starman single handedly takes out hundreds of Saphirians.  He uses kung fu, somersaults and reverse motion photography to battle the bad guys, but isn’t above grabbing a gun to blow away a couple dozen or so.  The highpoint of the hilarity comes when he throws obvious looking stunt dummies around on visible wires.  Speaking of visible wires, look for them whenever he flies or when (toy) rockets fly through space.  This is a pretty damn entertaining movie, and its popularity spawned many imitators like Prince of Space and Invasion of the Neptune Men.  

Tags: a, sci-fi

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