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When a dying queen in another galaxy is on her deathbed, she names her youngest daughter Ovule (Sharon Lee Jones) her successor. This pisses off her oldest daughter Courette (Dana Fredsti), who dresses in black leather a lot, so she tries to kill her sister. She also keeps a harem filled with male sex slaves and calls people a “whore” a lot. Ovule escapes through a portal to modern day (1990, anyway) L.A (Just like in Beastmaster 2!) where she wins a wet t-shirt contest, is chased by two clumsy cops, and falls in love with a D.J (Mark Pacific). The movie starts off good with a Star Wars lightsaber fight rip-off, but once it goes to the city, it gets kinda dull (I guess it’s cheaper to film in L.A. instead of another galaxy), and there’s way too much time spent on the dumb comic relief cops. Fredsti is good as the bitchy sister and has a nude scene. All of her henchwomen are named after diseases, which is pretty funny. And for some weird reason some of Jones’ nude scenes have here breasts blurred out!
Tags: p, sci-fi
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