The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

PRISON A GO-GO (2003) ** ½

This is an uneven but still pretty funny spoof of women in prison movies. Janie (Laurie Wilton) kills a bum so she can get locked up in a Pilipino prison to find her kidnapped sister. The mad prison doctor turns her sister in a half woman/half porcupine, and keeps a pen filled of flesh eating zombies too. There’s also a ninja attack, food fights and mud wrestling. The best gag is a shower clock on the bottom of the screen that counts down the time to the next shower scene. Other funny shit includes gay prison guards, a prisoner who smuggles things inside her ass and a product placement running gag. Rhonda (Up All Night) Shear stars as Jackpot, a sex obsessed inmate, and Mary (Rock and Roll High School) Woronov and Troma president Lloyd Kaufman have small roles. The best character though is the temp agency stoner warden, played by co-writer Mike Wiebe, who also plays the Marilyn Manson wannabe Mamie Bundy. A lot of the gags don’t work, but you can’t hate a women in prison movie that features ninjas, zombies and anaconda attacks can you?
Tags: comedy, p, women in prison, zombie
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