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Director Fred Olen (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) Ray’s fun send-up of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and The Amazing Colossal Man (except you know, with tits) is a funny and campy B Movie filled with sight gags, nudity and a colorful cast of Ray regulars.  J.J. (Psycho Sisters) North plays Angel, a competitor for Centerfold of the Year for Plaything Magazine.  Fearing she’s getting too old and losing her looks, she takes an overdose of “Beauty Enhancers” which causes her to grow 60 feet tall.  The unscrupulous publisher (Jay Richardson) wants to use her as a publicity stunt, but when a jealous model also takes the enhancers, soon we got a gigantic catfight on Hollywood Boulevard!  While the film isn’t completely successful (a subplot about a rogue giant lab rat pads out the film), it’s still one of Ray’s best from the 90’s and features an impressive supporting cast filled with top notch B Actors including Michelle (Nightmare Sisters) Bauer, Nikki (Fugitive Rage) Fritz, Ross (The Sidehackers) Hagen, Russ (Dracula vs. Frankenstein) Tamblyn, Tommy (Catalina Caper) Kirk, Stanley (My Three Sons) Livingston and John (Z-Man from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls) LaZar.

Tags: a, comedy, cult, fred olen ray, sci-fi, skinamax

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