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The one and only Zsa Zsa Gabor stars in this schlocky 50’s sci-fi nonsense from director Edward (Return of the Fly) Bernds and screenwriter Charles (The Masque of the Red Death) Beaumont. A group of rugged (well for the 50’s anyway) astronauts crash land on Venus where they run across a race of sexy beauty pageant winners who rule the planet. (Actually Abbott and Costello found this fact out 5 years earlier in Abbot and Costello Go to Mars.) Since the Queen hates all men because one messed up her face, she sentences them to death. Zsa Zsa (“Hye cahnnut sthand ze Qween’s cweulty!”) plays a scientist who has the hots for men in uniform and wants to help the astronauts escape and overthrow the Queen.

Beaumont’s script is pretty witty and the cast doesn’t take things too seriously. There are plenty of laughs (both intentional and unintentional) but the biggest chuckle comes when the astronauts make out with the girls in a spider infested cave. When their fire goes out the captain tells his officer who is busy making out: “Get some more wood!”

But the best line of dialogue is: “This is a civilization without sex?”

“You call that a civilization?”

The spacesuits were leftovers from Forbidden Planet and most of the effects were previously used in World Without End (also directed by Bernds). Bernds had a diverse career directing everything from Three Stooges shorts to juvenile delinquent classics like High School Hellcats.

AKA: Queen of the Universe.
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