The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

RATTLERS (1976) **

When the Army buries a biological nerve gas in the middle of the desert, it turns all the rattlesnakes into carnivorous killers who start biting everyone in sight. A hero herpetologist (snake doctor) played by Sam Chew, Jr. investigates and tries to stop the psycho general responsible for the military cover up. The snake attacks are (of course) the only worthwhile part of this standard issue reptiles on a rampage ecological horror flick. The opening scene where some kiddies get turned into Snake Chow has some bite (pun intended) and the highlight of the movie has a snake attacking a woman in the bathtub. Getting through the other parts of the movie that don’t involve snakes biting people is something of a chore. It’s hard to tell whether Chew is a terrible actor or an ingenious one, because he has all the charisma and screen presence of a real life herpetologist.
Tags: r, sci-fi
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