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The tone of this sequel is more serious (and romantic) than the first two humorous movies, but the special effects (by five different FX companies) are a lot of fun. When J. Trevor Edmond’s girlfriend Julie (Mindy Clarke) dies in a motorcycle accident, he uses Trioxin gas to bring her back from the dead. She cuts herself the take away “the pain of being dead” so she won’t have to eat brains. Eventually she becomes a super sexy pierced zombie chick who battles an undead Latino gang in a sewer. The best scene is where Clarke rips off the head of a guy but his spinal cord is still attached, THEN he turns into a zombie. Co-starring Kent (Adam-12) McCord as Edmonds’ father in charge of the military operation that wants to turn the zombies into bio-weapons and Sarah (Superman 2) Douglas as his bitchy superior. Director Brian Yuzna also did Bride of Re-Animator. Clarke later gained fame by being on the hit show The O.C., but she’s never been better or sexier than in this flick. If you love her performance in this, check her out in the equally memorable Killer Tongue.
Tags: horror, r, return of the living dead series, zombie
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