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Part of the Return of the Living Dead franchise’s charm was that it was different than George Romero’s Living Dead films in that the zombies ate brains instead of flesh and couldn’t be killed by being shot in the head. ROTLD 4 and 5 were shot back to back, and while both of them are fun, they forget about the series’ “rules” and allow their zombies to be killed in the Romero fashion. That faux pas aside, the head shots ARE juicy and there’s a decent amount of gore and brain munching going on to make it worth a look.

The plot has a bunch of dirt biking teens breaking into “Hybra-Tech”, a mysterious government agency to rescue their friend from Peter (E.T.) Coyote who’s using him as a human guinea pig. Of course, in the process they inadvertently let loose all the zombie test subjects. Coyote also turns his nephew’s parents into zombie “bio-weapons” that look like a cross between The Borg from Star Trek and Nemesis from Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Speaking of which, the movie actually has more in common with the Resident Evil movies than the ROTLD films, but director Ellory (Eight Legged Freaks) Elkaym brings back some of the series’ signature humor (like the opening Hybra-Tech commercials, reminiscent of Robocop 2) that the previous entry lacked. The best scene in the movie has two bums cooking a rat on a spit that comes to life and has THEM for dinner! Co-scripter William Butler, who starred in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, was responsible for dialogue like, “Nice pooper!”

Weird bit of trivia: Both ROTLD 4 and 5 were filmed at CHERNOBYL of all places!
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