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In 1982 there’s a series of brutal unsolved murders at Crippen High School. Five years later, a low budget film crew goes to the school to make a horror movie based on the murders. Of course the real killer is on the loose killing crewmembers. This concept could have been fun if handled right, but sadly it’s just another failed horror comedy with a terrible April Fools’ Day inspired ending. The film also moves back and forth between the “real” and “reel” world to throw the audience off balance but only succeeds in irritating them. What gore there is, is completely negated by the cheat ending, but there is a juicy live human dissection. At least the supporting cast stands out to make some of this memorable. There’s Maureen (“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”) McCormick as a blood obsessed cop, Alec (The Godfather) Rocco as a greedy producer and a young George Clooney as an asshole actor (Who leaves the movie prophetically to work on his new “hit TV series”.) who gets Marion Craned in the first fifteen minutes. Andy (Under Siege) Romano and Brendan (The Howling VI: The Freaks) Hughes also appear. Fans of film within a film features might want to check it out (not to mention people who want to see a pre-star Clooney), all others beware.
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