The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

AUDITION (1999) ****

This is Takashi (Ichi the Killer) Miike’s best.  It’s a masterpiece of foiling audience’s expectations, patience and the ability to tamp back their vomit.  A grieving widower wants to get out and meet women so his movie producer friend suggests holding an audition.  They screen thirty girls before he meets Asami, a beautiful girl who turns out to have serious issues.  After their whirlwind courtship he proposes to her.  She disappears afterwards and shows up weeks later with a long needle and a hankering for gratuitous acupuncture and razor wire torture.  Miike moves slyly from genre to genre (the early scenes are lightly comedic, the middle is almost like a chick flick and the ending is balls out horror) and knows how to play his audience.  As grueling as the final torture scene is, the scene of Asami’s former disfigured teacher crawling out of a sack to slurp down some of her freshly spewn vomit is even worse.  A must see.

Tags: a, horror

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