The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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Yet another Stephen King story adapted and directed by Mick (The Stand) Garris. In this one, a suicidal college student (Johnathan Jackson) hitchhikes across Maine to see his sick mother (Barbara Hershey) in the hospital. Along the way he is picked up by weirder and weirder drivers. Among them are Cliff (Spider-Man) Robertson and David (Scream) Arquette, who confront him about life and death. Speaking of death, Death himself stops by to visit Jackson just long enough to toke up with him! While it has an interesting, but awkward structure (the main character’s conscience, also played by Jackson, shows up now and again to argue with himself, frequent flashforwards and flashbacks, etc.), it’s still one of Garris’ better efforts. The Bullet, by the way, is a roller coaster. The short story was the first “E-Book” that was exclusively online and now can be found in the King collection Everything’s Eventual.
Tags: drama, r, stephen king
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