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This is yet another bad Jess Franco movie starring Howard Vernon but at least the beginning is good for some laughs. Vernon is Cagliostro, an immortal sorcerer who uses a blind, psychic, blood-drinking bird woman to kill Dr. Frankenstein and steal his silver skinned monster. He also kidnaps Frankenstein’s daughter and makes the monster whip her over a bed of spikes. Cagliostro wants the monster to mate with his own female creation while a skull faced sect in white cloaks called Panthos look on. The monster ends up turning on him and is eventually gunned down by the police. Vernon looks bored and uses “magnetic waves” to make his bird woman do all the talking. (My guess is that he simply refused to say his ridiculous dialogue.) Like the monster itself, Franco’s movie is dull and lifeless. Franco also turns up in a small role as does his wife, Lina Romay.

AKA: The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein.
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