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In his 16th movie, El Santo battles Martians who want to take over the world (or at least Mexico) because the Earth is far too technologically advanced and they don’t want us blowing up the universe. The shirtless Martians wear helmets that look like backwards baseball caps equipped with “The Astral Eye” that can hypnotize or disintegrate people. At one point, to “blend in” they even turn themselves into Ancient Greek Era humans, complete with togas and names like Hercules!?! They want to take El Santo back to Mars to dissect and study him to create a new race of Martian supermen. One Martian disguises himself as a masked wrestler and battles El Santo in the ring. He rips off El Santo’s mask, but there’s another one underneath. (El Santo never showed his face in public and although he does take his mask off in one scene, we only see him from the back). El Santo fights the leader, Argos in an empty arena, but the Martians die out from asphyxiation from the Earth’s atmosphere. The narrator asks, “When will we end our crazy nuclear experiments?” The goofy alien costumes and effects are pretty funny and there’s a couple of hot alien babes too. Throw in El Santo kicking major ass and it adds up to one fun flick.
Tags: el santo, s, sci-fi
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