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In this nunsploitation classic, the beautiful Cecilia Pezet plays Sister Maria, a tormented, kinky nun. In the opening scene, Satan appears to her and offers her an apple and she refuses. She then goes and wraps herself in thorns and whips herself. Then a hot nun rapes her and is revealed to be Satan himself! Afterwards she gets into a real horny streak. She tries to seduce a farm boy and another nun but they both turn her down. She then kills a suicidal black nun and tries again to get it on with the farm boy. After he refuses her, she stabs him and his grandmother and burns their house down. When Mother Superior finds out, Maria strangles her and kills her. She makes a pact with Satan to become the new Mother Superior, but all the nuns stab her to death. In the end of course, it was all a dream! Rich cinematography, nice erotic imagery and a couple gallons of blood makes this highly recommended for horror fans and nun fetishists alike. Quentin Tarantino later used the title for Salma Hayek’s character in From Dusk Till Dawn.
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