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This ludicrous horror movie is pretty inept, but at least it prefigured the 80’s slasher craze. Chris (Jack Frost) Allport stars as “Mother” Nicky a gay man who in the film’s coolest scene has a bar fight with two rednecks and mops the floor with them. He and some friends go away for the weekend to a lakefront cabin where there is a masked killer who picks them off one by one. The acting is amateurish at best, but the incompetence behind the camera is good for some laughs. The opening scene is pretty hilarious as a killer stalks a girl through the woods and takes so long that the Deliverance style music on the soundtrack has reloop and start over again. Visible microphones also add to the fun. There is a good amount of nudity as well as a pretty cool branding scene and a death by table saw. The most insane part is the milking the cow seduction scene that must be seen to be believed. Co-starring William (The Bob Newhart Show) Sanderson as the greasy handyman Otis.

AKA: The Upstate Murders.
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