The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

SAW (2004) *** ½

Thoughts of Seven may run through your head when you watch this tense and atmospheric thriller. A killer known as Jigsaw puts his victims in elaborate do-or-die situations while passing moral judgment on them and appears as the voice of a creepy ventriloquist dummy on a video monitor. In the film’s disturbing opening scene, Cary (The Princess Bride) Elwes and co-scripter Lee Whannell find themselves shackled together in a room. They learn that they are somehow connected and have to work together in order to save Elwes’ wife (Monica Potter) and child. Danny Glover also stars as a committed cop who’s after the killer. In the film’s best scene Shawnee (The Blob) Smith must rip through someone’s stomach to get the key to get a bear trap mask off her face before it opens. The killer’s methods are quite ingenious and there’s a good twist ending too, but some of the MTV style editing and camerawork is grating. This was made on a small budget (under a million dollars) and made a ton of money so naturally a sequel followed. Incidentally Elwes and Potter both played villains in both Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider.
Tags: horror, s, saw series
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