The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum


The scarecrow returns to kill more dumb teens. This time after a fraternity prank goes wrong the spirit of a murdered teen gets put into the scarecrow. He goes after his girlfriend and wants to put her soul in a female scarecrow so he can get a little scare-booty. His best friend messes everything up when he’s killed and his spirit goes into the scarecrow instead. Then it’s dueling scarecrows! One gets thrown into a wheat shredder and the other gets blown up by a bazooka!?! The murders this time take place in a cornfield, a hospital and at a frat house. It’s slightly better than the original, thanks to a supporting role by Tony (Candyman) Todd as Caleb, a scarecrow obsessed farmer. Also there’s a decent amount of gore and thankfully the scarecrow(s) don’t make any dumb wisecracks this time out. The computer effects however, are terrible. Followed by Scarecrow Gone Wild.
Tags: horror, s, sequel
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