The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

SCARY MOVIE 4 (2006) ***

David (Airplane!) Zucker returns to the director’s chair for his second go around in the popular franchise. This time the gags revolve around spoofs of Saw, War of the Worlds, The Village and The Grudge, but the funniest parodies come from non-scary movies like Million Dollar Baby and Brokeback Mountain. How the filmmakers link all these gags is pretty flimsy, but a lot of the jokes are laugh out loud funny. Craig (Cinderella Man) Bierko joins series regulars Anna Faris and Regina Hall (who actually doesn’t die in this one), who have to find out what the ghost of a little boy, aliens and a backwards country village have in common (the answer: not much). Charlie Sheen and Simon Rex from Part 3 show up briefly (then die). Part 1’s Carmen Electra and Part 2’s Chris Elliott return as well, though playing different characters and Bill Pullman and Michael Madsen also appear. A lot of the jokes reek of desperation (like the overdone Tom Cruise on the Oprah show ending), but the spoofs of the films, especially the War of the Worlds gags, are very well done. It’s not as funny as the last one, but I still like it better than Part 2.
Tags: charlie sheen, comedy, michael madsen, s, sequel
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