The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

SECONDS (1966) ****

John (The Manchurian Candidate) Frankenheimer directed this chilling film (based on David Ely’s novel) about a middle aged man (John Randolph) who thoroughly bored with his dreary existence, becomes seduced by a mysteriously secretive “Company” who give him a second chance at life. Through the miracle of plastic surgery he becomes Rock Hudson and gets to fall in love with the sexy Salome Jens. When he yet again becomes dissatisfied with his life, he tries to change things again with terrifying results. This bleak, scary, ahead of it’s time thriller moves at a deliberate pace, but stick with it, as it has many creepy, unnerving moments in it’s second half, including an unforgettable ending. The camerawork and cinematography is excellent and Hudson shatters his matinee idol image with a devastatingly gut wrenching performance. Co-stars Will Geer, Jeff Corey and Murray Hamilton lend fine support.
Tags: horror, s
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