The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

BAD COMPANY (1972) *** ½

After writing Bonnie and Clyde, Robert Benton wrote (with David Newman) and directed this lackadaisical but interesting western.  Barry Brown heads west and joins up with Jeff Bridges’ fledgling gang.  Their love/hate relationship is the centerpiece of this endearing film.  Together they continuously botch robberies and get in trouble with both sides of the law.  The film is sprinkled with surprising outbursts of violence that keeps the viewer on edge.  Brown and Bridges are both excellent, as is Gordon Willis’ photography that captures the feeling of the Old West.  Also with David Huddleston (who was also in The Big Lebowski with Bridges).  Benton and Bridges later re-teamed for Nadine.

Tags: action, b, western

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