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SEX AND FURY (1973) *** ½

In the early 70’s Toei Studios was on the verge of collapse. The only way to compete with rival Toho Studios (the reigning king of Japanese cinema, responsible for the Godzilla movies) was to make “pink” movies. Pink movies were classified by their ample amounts of sex and violence. Today, it may seem tame, but Sex and Fury was one of the first and best of the pink movies.

Reiko Ike stars as the sexy tattooed Ocho, a pickpocket and gambler who knows how to use a sword. In the beginning of the film, she gets into an incredible swordfight with a bunch of guys and fights them totally nude in the snow! Blood and limbs fly everywhere. She hangs out with her adopted street gang pickpocket family (one of whom mistakenly steals some condoms) and when her friend Yuki becomes a target for the lecherous government official (“Raping virgins is my hobby!”), Ocho tries to win buy her back. He suggests she plays cards with Christina (Christina Lindberg from Thriller: A Cruel Picture!) for Yuki’s freedom, but he reneges and rapes her anyway. Yuki’s brother, a revolutionary is also after him and is in love with Christina who is actually a spy. Ocho wants him dead because he killed her father and so she puts poison on her pussy and when the bastard goes down on her he dies! Genius! When Ocho goes to kill the others responsible for her dad’s death, she’s attacked by a gang of switchblade nuns! She’s captured and tied up while Christina dresses up like Pocahontas and whips her. She later escapes and single handedly wipes out all the baddies in a pretty great swordfight while a country/western theme plays!

The plot is unnecessarily complicated with one too many characters with too many secrets, but you won’t care because there’s enough tits and swordfights to keep you entertained. The sexy Lindberg gets nude a lot and has a lesbian scene too. Ike returned as Ocho in Female Yakuza Tale: Inquisition and Torture.
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