The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE SHE BEAST (1965) ** ½

This is one odd, uneven flick. The ugliest witch you ever saw gets lynched and vows revenge on the people who killed her. Two hundred years later, a couple of English tourists vacationing in Transylvania have a car wreck on the very spot where the witch was killed. The wife (Barbara Steele) dies and becomes possessed by the witch’s ghost. Hubby enlists the help of Van Helsing to kill the witch and free Barb’s soul.

This movie is all over the place. The make-up on the witch is great and she’s genuinely creepy, but the out of left field Keystone Kops chase (complete with silly music and comic sound effects) is the biggest “HUH?!?” I’ve ever had with watching a movie in a long time. What were these people smoking? There’s also an innkeeper character (Little Shop of Horror’s Mel Welles) that goes from being comic relief to a disgusting rapist and a just for the heck of it cockfight.

At least Steele looks sexy as always, even though her hairdo and make-up make her look like the chick from Dee-Light. Too bad she’s only in the movie for like fifteen minutes or so. She DOES have a scene where she lies on a bed and if you are a quick draw on the freeze frame button on your remote control, you can see a small glimpse of heaven.
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