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On Amethea’s (Lana Clarkson) wedding day, her village is pillaged, her husband is kidnapped and her sister is raped.  “Nothing like a virgin to make a man’s day!”  She gathers together a female band of survivors to go rescue her hubby from the evil King, and joins up with a group of rebels.  She’s captured and is tortured topless on the rack.  She escapes by pushing her tormentor into a vat of acid.  She rallies the rebels and hubby gathers the gladiators to take out the King (who says stuff like “Pain is a wondrous thing.”)  The first ten minutes of this flick has got more action, blood and tits to make even the most jaded B movie fan sit up and take notice.  Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is your basic Half-Naked-Amazon-Woman-Swinging-a-Sword Movie.  With gladiator orgies, severed heads, and lots of boobs.  Lana Clarkson looks hot and says things like, “I’ll be no man’s slave or be no man’s whore!”  Sadly, she was recently murdered by her boyfriend, record producer Phil Spector.  Also starring Katt Shea, who went on to direct The Rage: Carrie 2.  This is the unrated 75 minute version, but there’s also an R rated version that runs a scant 70 minutes.  Followed four years later by Barbarian Queen 2:  The Empress Strikes Back.

Tags: action, b, exploitation

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