March 7th, 2008


Three British pilots go to Hong Kong where they indulge in drinking, massage parlors and hookers.  When one of them gets roughed up and lands in the hospital, he falls in love with his doctor, Emmy (Chai Lee).  He makes a pass at her, but she informs him that she’s engaged to married, so he tries everything in his power to win her heart.  Once he manages to defrost her icy britches, she can’t get enough Cockney cock.  When they go through a prolonged separation, it takes it’s toll on Emmy, especially when her man’s jealous ex starts throwing away her love letters to him.  She has a bad experience with a one-night stand and then in a cloud of depression, she signs up for Concubine School where she takes Geisha 101 so she can learn to be a full fledged cum dumpster.  By the time the couple finally ends up together, they have to deal with the ramifications of Emmy’s hooking past and her husband’s debilitating illness, which leads to the thoroughly depressing ending.   


I don’t really care what color Emanuelle is, but ALL Emanuelles in these movies should be sex starved slutbags.  This Emanuelle doesn’t start getting promiscuous till the very end of the movie, and in fact when we first meet her, she’s a VIRGIN.  That’s right you heard me, a virgin.  Having a virgin Emanuelle is kinda like having Leatherface use a Cuisinart instead of a chainsaw.  It just doesn’t make any fucking sense.  Most times in an unrelated Emanuelle sequel, the chick isn’t even called Emanuelle, but in this one they call her Emmy, which is close enough for me. 


Lee, once she finally does get nekkid, looks superb, but I can’t help but think what the movie could’ve been like if her character was a raving nympho for the entire movie, and not just the last twenty minutes.  She’s quite good at portraying her character’s hot and cold sensibilities and looks sexy enough naked to make you curse the fact that she spent half the movie being such a damn prude. 


If you’re looking to get an unrelated Emanuelle sequel that wasn’t directed by Joe D’Amato or doesn’t star Laura Gemser, you can certainly do a lot worse.  The problem with the movie is that it often feels more like an extended travelogue of Hong Kong than an honest to goodness 70’s skin flick.  It also has a relatively low sleaze quotient compared to the others in the series and the ending is straight out of a fucking soap opera.  Having said that; those of you out there with a severe case of Yellow Fever will definitely dance to this groove.   


Emanuelle’s madam gets the best line of the movie when she refers to a pussy as “Only a muscle that needs exercising!” 


AKA:  Emanuelle in the Orient.  AKA:  Hong Kong Emanuelle.  AKA:  Lady of the Rising Sun.  AKA:  The Kingdom of Eroticism.  AKA:  The Sensuous World of Emmy Wong.