May 9th, 2008



A group of African natives tie a woman up and whip the clothes right off of her before chopping her head off.  The army shows up and opens fire on the natives, but the woman’s head comes back to life… sporting fangs!  A group of explorers, many of whom are hot chicks who like to run around with no clothes on, head into the jungle and the sexy vampire woman, who is now in control of a race of undead native zombies, sets out for revenge.  She turns the girls into vampires by tying them up, whipping them, biting their necks and chopping their heads off.  The sexy vampire women parade around in leopard skin bikinis and kill off all the men in the expedition until the remaining girl figures out if you remove the vampires’ scarf, their heads will fall off.


A word to the wise concerning The Night of the Sorcerers:  This movie is GREAT if you’re only watching it to see naked women, light S & M, and people being decapitated.  Anything else in the movie that DOESN’T revolve around naked women, light S & M, or people being decapitated is extremely boring. 


The pacing is sluggish, the acting is awful, and some of the scenes were downright intolerable.  I was about to go crazy by about the 17th slow motion shot of the vampire chicks running around, but I guess I could cut the movie a little slack since all the girls were dressed up like Sheena, Queen of the Jungle and had nice racks.  Besides the many decapitations the film had to offer, other murders included a drowning in a darkroom and total immolation. 


And get this:  THERE ARE NO SORCERERS IN THIS MOVIE!  None.  What’s up with that?  I have no clue why this movie is called The Night of the Sorcerers.  Usually for such a major infraction like that, I would take off one star, but since this movie features several hot women dressed up like Betty Rubble getting whipped and decapitated, I’ll only minus a half of a star this time.


Director Amando (The Blind Dead series) de Ossorio lets the movie drag considerably during the tedious expedition scenes, but luckily for the audience, he sure as shit knows how to film decapitations, light S & M, and naked chicks.  There’s nothing else in the movie that will hold your attention besides boobs, bondage and blood, but when you have boobs, bondage and blood holding your attention, what more can you really ask for, right?  If only de Ossorio made the stuff in between the severed heads, sadism and sexy bodies mildly interesting, this could’ve been as good as his Loreley’s Grasp. 


One of the many interchangeable hot chicks in the cast gets the best line of the movie when she says, “I understand that the full moon isn’t exactly to your liking!”