May 14th, 2008

CINEMANIA (2002) ** ½

You know, whenever I tell somebody how many movies I watch per year (around 500) they usually tell me to get a life.  To the obsessive film buffs in this documentary, movie watching IS their lives. 


This documentary follows five diverse New Yorkers who have one thing in common:  They obsessively watch movies all day.  All of them are opposed to seeing a film on video and have to see them all in a theater.  Some see as many as five in a day and have to coordinate their movie schedules with the subway schedules in order to hit every movie they want. 


I thought I was pretty obsessive about watching movies until I saw the people in this flick.  While I DO keep ticket stubs and souvenir collector cups, I’m not quite as bad as some of these people.  For instance, I don’t eat constipative diets so I won’t have to get up and go to the bathroom mid-movie.  I have never seen over 1000 movies in one year.  I have never strangled a movie usher for ripping my ticket.  These folks do. 


While this documentary had a potential to be really interesting, unfortunately it’s not particularly well done.  It’s shot on grungy video and regards it’s subjects as more or less freakshows.  I kinda wished that the film focused a little more on the viewers’ tastes and considerable cinema knowledge rather than just show how OCD they really are.  If anything, the film served as a healthy reminder that my own movie watching obsession isn’t nearly as bad as I thought. 


Although you know things are pretty bad when you find yourself watching a movie about people who watch movies.