June 7th, 2008

UNDEAD (2005) ** ½

Australia and New Zealand has always been a landmine for really disgusting horror movies.  While Peter Jackson was the one who truly cornered the market (before he sold out to Hollywood that is), there have been no shortage of good gore movies from the land of the Kiwi.  Undead is the latest horror flick from Down Under and as Australian/New Zealand horror flicks go, it’s no Dead-Alive, but it’s almost as much fun as say, Body Melt.


The plot has aliens invading a small Australian town and turning the locals into zombies hungry for human brains.  It’s up to a gun toting fisherman and a spunky former beauty queen to save the town and shoot lots and lots of zombies in the head. 


The gore is more than adequate for this sort of thing.  Fists get punched through skulls, shovels are shoved into craniums, bodies are ripped in half and there is brain eating aplenty.  It’s just too bad the movie is so erratically paced, runs way too long and features a totally HUH?!? ending.  Although nearly all of the (too many) supporting characters are thoroughly annoying and over the top, I did like the soft spoken fisherman who was as quick on the draw as Clive Owen in Shoot ‘Em Up.  Say what you will about this movie’s many flaws; any movie that has zombie fish in it can’t be all that bad.


The pistol packing fisherman gets the best line of the movie when he says, “You’re an entrée on a smorgasbord of brain food!”