June 27th, 2008

BABY IT’S YOU (1983) **

After writing such classics as Piranha, Alligator and The Howling, John Sayles began directing low budget indie comedy/dramas like this. 


Rosanna Arquette stars as Jill, a 60’s high school chick who meets the new kid in school, The Sheik (Vincent Spano), a greaser who dresses like Frank Sinatra and gets into trouble a lot.  They don’t have a thing in common but they predictably end up falling in love anyway.  On prom night, Sheik pulls a robbery and when he’s pursued by the cops, he takes off to Miami.  Jill ends up going away to college and even though they are separated, they still try to make things work, with mixed results. 


While Sayles does an adequate job with the high school portion of the story, things get especially draggy once Arquette goes off to college.  The plot is superficial but Arquette and Spano are pretty good.  If the story wasn’t so one-note and pointless; their performances might have counted for something.  Easily the best part of the movie, besides the great oldies soundtrack (including Surfin’ Bird), is the pretty hot topless fuck scene Arquette has about ¾ into the movie. 


Some enjoyment can be had by seeing future stars Robert Downey, Jr. and Matthew Modine (in his film debut) turning up in small roles, but for the most part, Baby It’s You is just an uninvolving and forgettable 60’s era chick flick with a decent cast and some good tunes.


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