August 3rd, 2008

AUTOPSY (1977) * ½


There’s a rash of unexplained suicides going around Rome and an American morgue intern with serious issues with men (Mimsy Farmer from Hot Rods to Hell) tries to get to the bottom of it.  She gets sidetracked in her quest occasionally whenever she has bizarre visions of dead bodies rising from their autopsy table and fucking.  A priest with a shady past shows up to try to find out why his sister committed suicide and teams up with Mimsy to find out just what the fuck is going on. 


The first ten minutes of this movie make you think you’re about to see something special.  I mean any movie that starts out with a close-up of a tit of a woman who is about to slit her wrists while eerie Ennio Morricone music plays has the right idea.  Add that to the bat shit insane scenes of Mimsy’s hallucinations of naked corpses getting down and nasty on the morgue floor, and you have a recipe for a potential classic.  Sadly, the next 90 minutes of this flick is nothing but a standard issue Killer-Bumping-Off-Random-People-To-Get-His-Hands-On-A-Will movie.  And it’s a pretty rotten one too. 


The biggest HUH?!? in the movie comes from all the negative shots of sun spots that occur just before the victims kill themselves.  The reason given to why all the people committed suicide in the beginning of the film is handled with a throwaway line of dialogue and this plot thread is completely dropped halfway through the movie in favor of the whole murderer looking for the will thing.  The killer just uses the sun spot killing phenomenon to cover up his murders (which admittedly isn’t the worst idea the movie could’ve come up with), but nothing is ever done with the sun spot subplot and it’s never even resolved or mentioned again by the time the movie has reached it’s laborious climax. 


After the wonderfully shitdiculous Corpse Orgy opening scenes got my hopes up that this could be a memorable movie; the rest of the flick turned out to be turgidly paced, downright boring, and pretty fucking weak overall.  Things perked up every now and then whenever Mimsy went au natural, but for the most part, Autopsy deserves to be put on the slab.


AKA:  The Victim.  AKA:  Sun Spots.  AKA:  Tarot.  AKA:  Tension.  AKA:  The Magician.