August 21st, 2008


During World War II, a bunch of Nazis find a couple of gargoyle statues and with just a little bit of blood are able to bring the stone creatures to life.  Pretty soon, gargoyles are swooping around Germany eating anything that moves until they come across an American bomber filled with cocky pilots.  The monsters tear the plane up and the troops are forced to parachute behind enemy lines where they have to fight off not only nasty Nazis, but also the winged creatures as well.


Gargoyles vs. WWII pilots.  Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it?  I’ll admit that it was enough to get me to at least watch the flick.  Turns out, Reign of the Gargoyles ain’t all that good, but it’s a damn sight better than other similar Sci-Fi Channel Originals.  The special effects are actually halfway decent as the CGI on the bombers are fairly convincing and the gargoyles themselves aren’t too shabby either. 


Like most of these Sci-Fi Channel Originals though, the acting uniformly stinks.  Lance Henriksen must have been busy, so they got Joe (Riptide) Penny to play the gruff American Major instead.  I know what you’re thinking:  “Hey I haven’t seen Joe Penny in a movie for ages!”  The reason for this is that he pretty much sucks.  Same goes for the rest of the cast.  Oh well, at least the scenes of US planes engaging in dogfights with swarming gargoyles are kinda fun.