August 23rd, 2008


Lawrence (Mask) Monoson and his two high school buddies try their damnedest to get laid but keep getting THIS close to doing the deed before being interrupted by intruding parents, jealous husbands, and furious sailors.  He’s got the hots for Diane (Better Off Dead) Franklin, but his best friend is already tagging her so it drives his fragile teenage hormones even crazier.  Then unexpectedly, things get serious.  Deadly serious.  We’re talking After School Special serious. 


You know, this flick had some funny stuff in it; it’s just too bad things had to get so melodramatic near the end.  It was actually pretty great until it got all Sophie’s Choice on us, but at least this movie is a more realistic look at teenage life than most flicks at the time were portraying.  (Fast Times at Ridgemont High being the obvious exception.)  Monoson is quite good at playing the shy guy of the bunch (he would later go on to star in Friday the 13th Part IV) and Franklin gives a sweet performance (and takes off her clothes a few times) as the object of his affection. 


Directed by Boaz (American Cyborg:  Steel Warrior) Davidson, The Last American Virgin plays like a Hollywoodized remake of his Israeli Lemon Popsicle films.  Both feature sophomoric humor, a fair amount of hanky panky and awesome music.  The soundtrack for this movie is GREAT and features killer tracks by The Police, Blondie, Oingo Boingo, Journey, The Cars, The Waitresses and Devo.  Even if the film didn’t have plenty of female flesh on display, I’d still have to give it a passing mark for the quality of the tunes.