September 4th, 2008


A bunch of teenagers (all of whom look to be about 40 years old) get steamed that their local rec center is being bought by a greedy gangster named “Crackers” who wants to turn it into a night club.  They turn to a sympathetic actress/dancer who agrees to perform a benefit in an effort to save their beloved dive.  The plot though is merely window dressing for well over a dozen interchangeable rock songs. 


If you like dated, no-budget, 50’s rock n’ roll movies featuring bands you’ve never heard of, playing songs nobody remembers, you may have fun with Rock Baby Rock It.  I myself have to admit that purely as a time capsule, the film was sporadically amusing.  The plot is kept to a bare minimum in favor for a whole lot of mediocre rock n’ roll; unfortunately none of it is good enough to really sustain your interest for the overlong 81 minute running time.  All the musical performances are filmed indifferently with little variation (or editing), but at least they’re light years better than the shit you see on MTV nowadays.  (Whenever they do show music videos that is.)


The bottom line is that the acting sucks, the bands are unmemorable (except the one band who had a live chicken on their piano, they were cool) and the music is all instantly forgettable.  At least the heavy saturation of hilarious hepcat dialogue saves this from being a complete loss of an hour and a half.  Among my favorite lines were:  “Play it cool kitten, we can’t fight City Hall!”, “My good ear is loaned out!” and “Man, that cat comes on like Godzilla!”