September 16th, 2008


A quartet of weenies kidnaps a little girl and head into the godforsaken jungle.  When their Jeep breaks down in the middle of the rainforest, they have to hoof it across cannibal country.  The natives don’t take kindly to slow-witted kidnappers from the Big City running through their backyard so they decide to put the four numbskulls on their All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. 


Cannibal Terror is a no-frills, low budget French-Italian co-production recommended only for die-hard gorehounds and cannibal movie completists.  The pacing of this movie is infuriating.  Nothing happens for the longest time until about 25 minutes in to the picture when we get our first cannibal chow-down.  Then we get more pointless scenes of people gallivanting around the jungle.  A pretty sweet scene of some voluptuous chick bathing herself spices up the monotony, but then it’s right back to a good hour’s worth of badly dubbed Italian idiots trying to hit their marks.  Just when you think your patience has run dry with this movie, there’s another excellent evisceration scene complete with gratuitous gut gobbling. 


Director Alain Deruelle doesn’t really have a “style” per se; he just puts the camera down and lets it run until the actors have finished their dialogue.  Fortunately for the audience, he sure as shit knows how to film a gut-ripping cannibal cookout scene.  I especially admired how he instructed his cannibal extras to pull out every organ SLOWLY and wave it in front of the camera before chomping down on it.  These scenes should also be noteworthy for anyone who has an anatomy test coming up and needs some impromptu Cliff’s Notes. 


Bottom Line:  When it comes to guts being munched, there ain’t a bad scene in the bunch, but the scenes involving dialogue will have you sleeping like a log.