October 25th, 2008

SODOMA’S GHOST (1988) * ½

A group of teenagers spend the night in an abandoned house that used to be a Nazi bordello.  In the night, they are menaced by the ghosts of horny prostitutes and bloodthirsty Nazis who eventually turn the teens against one another.


This sounds like a ripe premise for a director like Lucio (Zombie) Fulci.  Sadly the pacing, editing, and acting are all nonexistent.  Seriously, I think Fulci fell asleep behind the camera when he did this one.  How else can you explain the never ending scenes of idiotic teens wandering around aimlessly down dark corridors? 


You would naturally think a horror movie about Nazi ghosts and paranormal prostitutes would be a damn good time.  You’d be wrong though.  The Nazis aren’t intimidating at all and the supernatural shenanigans aren’t the slightest bit scary.  (The phonograph plays music all by itself!  Oooooooh!)   


On the plus side, Fulci definitely knows how to film Nazis fornicating endlessly will accommodating frauleins, so the movie has that going for it.  Say what you will about the man’s lethargic pacing, at least he was able to convince a good number of halfway decent looking Italian babes to drop their tops.  And speaking of boobies, there’s also an outrageous tit-ripping scene in which you’ll swear that the actress had breast implants made out of Lime Jell-O.


And you know what; I don’t think there was one single person named Sodoma in the whole movie.  That’s too bad because I think it’s a really cool name.  In fact, I’m thinking I’ll name my first born child Sodoma, regardless if it’s a boy or girl.


AKA:  The Ghosts of Sodom.