November 1st, 2008


Zack (Seth Rogan) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks) make a porno in order to pay the rent.  They assemble an assortment of misfits as performers and crewmembers and shoot the flick inside the Starbucks wannabe coffeehouse where Zack works.  Zack and Miri are lifelong best friends who dumbly think that having sex together (on camera no less) won’t change things, so making a porno together should be no problem.  Of course, they fall in love, but not before getting into one long ass lovers’ quarrel first. 


Kevin Smith’s latest grossout comedy isn’t nearly as funny as his stuff that’s set in his View Askewniverse.  Sure, Zack and Miri is great for an hour or so.  There’s a hilarious scene at a high school reunion where Justin Long and Brandon Routh play gay lovers (Superman is gay!  Say it ain’t so!) and the scatological humor up to snuff.  (And by scatological I mean “scat” humor.)  What grinds the film to a dead halt is all the needlessly syrupy “drama” that happens in the third act.  Yep, Smith yet again goes all Chasing Amy on us where characters act all jealous and pissy and scream at each other before professing their undying love and affection.  That’s okay though because any movie that features Traci Lords blowing bubbles out of her pussy can’t get any less than *** in my book. 


Another thing I dug about the film is that it’s entirely set in Monroeville, Pennsylvania and several scenes take place in the Monroeville Mall.  Any horror movie fan worth his salt will instantly recognize this setting from George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.  Smith throws enough clever winks to that film (Rogen’s hockey team is called The Zombies, the gratuitous Tom Savani cameo, etc.) to make any zombie fan wanna check it out.