November 17th, 2008


Luscious redhead Dagmar (House by the Cemetery) Lassander stars in this dull thriller from director Luciano Ercoli as a beautiful trophy wife who uses pills and alcohol to cope with her boring marriage.  Her world gets turned upside down when a “sex maniac” tackles her on the beach and assaults her.  He doesn’t rape her though, but he hints that her husband maybe guilty of a murder.  The nutjob later shows up with some compromising photographs of Dagmar and blackmails his way into her panties.  Eventually her hubby finds out what’s going on and he’s none too pleased.


The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion benefits from a striking Ennio Morricone score and a competent performance by Lassander, but little else.  The early scenes work the best.  The set-up is potentially intriguing and the scene on the beach between Lassander and the blackmailer is quite effective.  After Ercoli knocks the audience off balance with this moody set piece, things get predictable real fast and the tension quickly dissipates.  You will probably guess the final “twist” ending early on as there are so few supporting characters that could’ve possibly been in cahoots with the blackmailer to begin with.  Although stylishly shot, we’re ultimately left with a boring thriller filled with lots of annoying voiceovers. 


Lassander’s husband gets the best line of the movie when he consoles her after she’s been attacked by the rapist:  “Why on Earth would I love you any less just because of a sex fiend?”

Ercoli returned the next year with Death Walks on High Heels.